The best smelling, smoothest skin feeling, coffee body scrubs.

But First is a range of coffee body scrubs that uses coffee as a natural exfoliator. The product ingredients have been sourced from all over the world to ensure that we have a mix of high quality natural and organic ingredients. As part of the anti plastic movement our packaging is made from aluminium and is designed to be reused for storing makeup brushes, accessories and other goodies.

But First is a fashionable beauty brand designed to meet the purchasing needs of indie beauty consumers.
Our goal with the brand is to be loud, promote self expression and encourage creators to leave a mark. The brand is a blend of fashion and luxury beauty, Something that stands out in stores as well as in your bathroom. With colorful packaging and a product that awakens the senses. You can’t help but feel confident when you use the But First Scrubs.

Live a life of color, of expression. Be creative and take risks
But First, Scurb

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