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Cold therapy masks

Little Eskimo is a range of rejuvenating facial and eye masks. The goal of Little Eskimo is to use natural methods of healing
to promote an organic response in the body.
Icing has been a method of healing going back hundreds of years. From sports injuries to relaxation to headaches by Harnessing the power of the cold you can reduce inflammation in the body.
The use of cold therapy allows the skin to feel fresh and energized. Sun, heat, dust, smog, long days, make-up, parties. All these have a negative effect on our skin, from wrinkles to sun damage and impurities, your skin is left feeling tired. Little Eskimo helps relax the mind and awaken the skin using cold therapy. The masks are kept in the fridge and then applied to the face while cold, this allows blood vessels to constrict and bring down inflammation.

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Little Eskimo Eye & face mask packaging


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